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To whom should the members of participating schools contact if there is any clarification?
Mr.Sridhar, Contact number : 8939826528
What is the last date for the submission of the entries?
The last day for submission is 10.11.2014
What are the terminals available near the school? What is the distance between the school and each terminal?
Terminal 1 Central - 36 km from school
Terminal 2 Egmore - 34 km from school
Terminal 3 Koyembedu - 25 km from school
Terminal 4 Airport - 50 km from school
Will the school send a cab to the terminals to pick the participants?
Yes, School buses.
What if the participating school misses the picking cab?
Pick up Time schedule will be uploaded on website shortly Every three hour, we operate school buses to pick the participants from these terminals
Will there be a 'May I help you?' desk in the terminals for guidance?
Yes, the location of the above will be intimated to you later
If the participating school makes its own arrangements to reach the school, whom should it contact for route guidance?
Please visit our website and in the home page. In Road map link, you will find Google maps, which will help you to locate our school from any destination.
What are the facilities, which will be provided to the participating schools during the stay?
Reply: During the stay, the boys and girls will be accommodated in separate blocks, but on the sameCampus. The rooms will contain the following:
Mosquito coil
Waste basket
Water cans in corridor
A bucket & a mug for each room
A Lock and key
Bed/Pillow/Bedspread for escort teachers & Students
In case of any complaints or emergency, whom should the participating school contact?
Reply: Ms. Rozorio: 8939826489, Ms. Ramesh Kumar - 9791308976
Are parents/relatives allowed to stay with the participants in School?
Reply: Only the mother escorting the participant, in the absence of an escort from the School, and approved by the principal of the participating School.
Will locker facility be available to safeguard the valuables?
Reply: No, in some cases based on the strength, two schools might have to share the room. And in that case the room is accessible to both the schools.So, please do not bring any valuables also carry baggage that can be locked.
Sport Events
In case of emergencies, what are the facilities that are provided in the venue of the Badminton event?
Ambulance; Resident Doctor; Physiotherapist and medical aid
Whom should the participating school contact in case of any help during the event?
Mr.Ramesh Kumar, Contact number : 9791308976
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